Artquant took part in the mentorship meeting organized by the ‪CFA‬ Association Russia and the ‪Skolkovo‬ Foundation Jun 29, 2015
     On Monday, June 29 at the Technopark business center within the Skolkovo Innovation Center a seminar was held on collaboration between the founders of startups resident at the Skolkovo Foundation and potential investors. The organizers of the event were the CFA Association Russia and the Skolkovo Foundation.
     «Working with the Skolkovo Foundation is a new and important direction for the CFA Association Russia,» said CFA Association Russia executive director Vladimir Tutkevich in his opening remarks. «Implementing the highest investment standards in such an important field as innovation and leading technologies will surely be helpful for residents at the Foundation and investors. We see a large field here for collaboration.»
     «Investors and founders of startups each look at a project in a completely different way,» said CFA Association Russia vice-president Denis Sitnikov, who already has considerable experience in investment presentations for several startups. «While the latter are interested in hands-on research and development, the former know how to bring their results into production and increase the commercial returns. Our task is to help these people understand one another.»
     Anton Voropayev, manager of the Skolkovo Foundation’s acceleration department, talked about a program that exists for mentoring, which is meant to ensure effective collaboration between mentors (consultants for promotion and relations with investors) and their proteges (startups resident at the Foundation).  «Here we are considering representatives from the investment community as potential mentors,» said Voropayev.
     In turn, Skolkovo Foundation acceleration department director Maksim Mikhailov said, «We especially like the fact that among our partners there are now professionals of so high a level as the representatives of the CFA Association».
     In the second half of the event, the founders of several startups presented the attendees with their inventions and spoke in detail about both the technological side and the investment and commercial potential. 
     Among the projects presented were a communication and control technology for hard-to-reach areas using a pilotless aircraft (its creator is ООО «YUVS-YURION»), the ComfortWay solution for roaming-free mobile internet for travelers, the PortfolioAndMe analytics dashboard for investors that uses elements from artificial intelligence, and also the innovative SVET system for managing lighting that can take a person’s natural biorhythms into account.