10 Russian startups you'll meet at Echelon Asia Summit 2015 Jun 12, 2015
     With Echelon Asia Summit 2015 just a week away, startups from around the globe are gearing up for the trip to Singapore to meet investors, partners, customers and to showcase their products
     As our conference’s goal is to connect the best minds from global ecosystems, we’ve invited batches of interesting companies for you to meet next week.
     This year we’re housing six country delegations from the furthest reaches of the globe with teams of startups hailing from neighboring Malaysia, Korea, Hong Kong and far-flung Kazakhstan, Turkey and Russia.
     Among them are ten startups hailing from Moscow who are tackling problems in diverse spaces. Running the gamut of virtual robot consultants, ultra-compact electric vehicles to logistics hacks for e-commerce platforms, it’s clear that these entrepreneurs believe in future-focused innovations as well as the practical needs of the enterprise realm.
We recently met with these startups at the Skolkovo-hosted Startup Village conference in Moscow, which was a large-scale open air tech conference that showcased all the tech that Russia had to offer. They were bubbling with passion for their projects and excitement at the opportunity to make connections in Asia.
     Within the Skolkovo Innovation Ecosystem there are five clusters: IT, Biomed, Nuclear, Energy and Space and the companies coming out to Singapore are perhaps some of the best and brightest in the IT space with interest in growing their business in the Asia-Pacific region.
     Here are the 10 Russian startups you’ll meet at Echelon next week:
As the first video surveillance company that doesn’t focus on selling hardware, Ivideon allows users to connect any device (smartphone, tablet, PC) to webcams, IP cameras, CCTV and DVR. Ivideon is great for a number of reasons: It allows for remote video surveillance, is accessible through the cloud on all major platforms (Linux, Windows, Mac OS X) and with data centers in the US, Europe and Asia — its service works worldwide.
Founded in 2010, Ivideon has over 500,000 downloads in Google Play with 8,000 reviews, are profitable today and have a massive team of 100 people. With an approximate US$2 million already raised, the company raised an additional US$4 million from Russian fund Impulse VC which was announced at Startup Village. 
Makers of NUITRACK Sensor, a Bluetooth accessory that brings Kinect-like gaming and full body avatar animation in virtual reality to Android. Housed in an Oculus Rift-like pair of goggles, the NUITRACK Sensor is made up of a depth camera and a dedicated processor with proprietary middleware that nabs real-time motion data from a 3D scene and sends it wirelessly to compatible devices by Bluetooth.
Having already raised US$2.5 million to date, the four-year-old 3DiVi has commercial license agreements with one of the world’s top three consumer electronics companies and developed the first 3D gesture recognition SDK for Android. The startup plans on building up buzz around their product up until a Kickstarter campaign launch by the end of the year.
A fin-tech startup that analyses the stock market using fundamental analysis and Artificial Intelligence. Their product Portfolioand.Me takes the role as both a financial analysis and portfolio manager which helps users build an optimal stock portfolio with tailored recommendations. By accumulating vast financial parameters, indicators and ratio from the year 2005 and onwards, Portfolioand.Me is targeting large funds, investment banks, financial organisations and private investors with their product.
Artquant is bootstraping at the moment with US$600k put in by their founders and are currently beta testing with large Russian banks and financial organisations.
     Logistics IT
A logistics startup with an enterprise solution for companies that have to handle multi-destination deliveries on a day to day basis. For example, e-commerce platforms are exemplary of a business that has to manage deliveries to a large number of destinations within one route, which requires enlisting the help of couriers and delivery vehicles.
Logistics IT’s solutions are a good fit for enterprises with up to several thousands of destinations per day, and for companies with complex and specific scheduling needs. Features of their product include JIT delivery planning, planning for 70+ destinations in one route and allotting for narrow delivery time windows (ie. 20 minutes).
As a developer of natural language human-computer dialogue interfaces, Nanosemantic’s technology powers both the customer service chatbots you see on websites and realistic humanoid robots (pictured below). Their key product is a natural language dialogue system that can be used on various platforms (web, mobile, API) to handle online technical support and site navigation.
With 30 product implementations with e-commerce sites and top corporates in Russia and Kazakhstan to date, Nanosemantics has 25 people on their team which include 12 developers and linguists. They’re looking to raise US$5 million to go towards developing «voice robot,» a virtual robot-consultant for call centers.
Nanosemantic’s ‘Alan Turing’
     Brave Motors
makers of an ultra-compact, transformable electric vehicle called Bravo eGo which lets drivers maneuver their energy-efficient vehicles in modern cities. The issue with metropolis living is often traffic jams and parking issues, so Bravo eGo solves that with their ‘transforming’ cars which in just a push of a button — suddenly occupy one and a half times less space. With an onboard computer instead of the dashboard, the Bravo eGo is equipped with navigation, Internet access, climate control access, audio and video systems. Billing itself as «a gadget on wheels,» this car has a joystick instead of steering wheels and even it’s own private social network.
To date, Bravo Motors has raised US$1.5 million in a Series A round in 2014. Now with a working prototype, the company is moving ahead to road safety tests and is looking to enter the European and Asian markets by next year via joint-venture deals.
     Flexbby Solutions
Flexbby is a developer of SaaS/PaaS platforms for enterprise customers that want to streamline their contract life cycle management, business process automation software and incentive management systems. Similar to Salesforce, Flexbby Solutions offers a flexible API to developers and is able to integrate online services like Google Maps and Docs as well as connecting with the company’s existing applications. According to the company, business application implementation with Flexbby Solutions can be completed five to ten times quicker.
Currently working with big customers in Russia in the Pharmaceutical, Telecom and Retail sectors, Flexbby Solutions are interested in bringing their technology to the Singapore market.
     SPB TV
As global provider of end-to-end OTT TV, IPTV and mobile TV solutions, over 40 million people watch OTT TV through SPB TV’s services. SPB TV provides stable video delivery and playback across any network offering intuitive UIs for TVs, computers, tablets and mobile along with effective monetisation tools with engaging interactivity features.Having been recognized through CSI Awards, TV Technology Europe STAR Awards, SPB TV is headquartered in Switzerland with their R&D center in Russia and has affiliates in Asia and South America.
SaaS and on-premise enterprise grade software that improves collaboration between board members, CEOs and management teams. Besides providing workspaces for high-level meetings, BoardMaps has also developed a native iPad app that allows for online and offline interaction of members before, during and after each meeting with features such as cryptography, two-factor authentication and digital signatures.
Via the app, users can raise issues, take positions, make comments, suggest agendas, request documents and sign-off on tasks and all data (such as past decisions and actions taken) can be pulled up as needed.
     Intelligent Social Systems
Developer of feedback systems for more effective communication with a focus on three main projects.
Quality League which is a cloud solution for SMEs which optimises customer claims. Client complaints are logged using a mobile app, website or call center and issues are displayed in your virtual office where customer service reps can analyse, give feedback and give quick answers in a user friendly chat.
Happy Citizen is a powerful public feedback system for citizens and government authorities to communicate better. Including 30+ tools that automate application processing, Happy Citizen uses integration, routing, modularity and open web-technologies that can be combined depending on the client.
Launched in 2012, Intelligent Social Systems’ social project Angry Citizen has picked up 240k users and brought on board over 1.4k companies to help users solve problems within the home and territory, roads and transport, post, education, bank services and work spheres.
     The Russian Pavilion will be on-site at Echelon Asia Summit exhibiting their products with interest in meeting investors, customers and partners. It’ll be an eye opening opportunity to see firsthand what innovation is brewing in Russia that you won’t want to miss. The conference is on 23 — 24 June, just one week left to pick up tickets!