Artquant Ltd. Took Part in Startup Village Jun 1, 2015
     Startup Village, the biggest startup conference in Russia, took place for the third year in a row.
     The main goal of the event is to bring together startup founders, entrepreneurs, investors and potential clients. Artquant Ltd. representatives visited the conference with their new product Portfoliand.Me — a tool for the fundamental analysis of the US stock market that operates based on artificial intelligence.
     Thanks to Startup Village, Artquant experts got a chance to speak with representatives from other companies (including both tech companies and companies that operate across other spheres), share best practices, gain a better understanding of the startup market in Russia, and network with other professionals.
     «Speaking with potential competitors, partners and ‘industry neighbors’ is just as important as communicating with investors and customers when taking a new product to market. In this respect, the conference was very productive. We hope that these two days will make a difference for Portfolioand.Me, as the product is currently in the beta testing stage,» said the CEO of Artquant Ilya Filippov.