Analyzing the stock market through artificial intelligence Dec 5, 2015
     IT cluster resident Artquant, which develops software solutions in the field of financial technology, has released a new product that allows users to build and adjust stock portfolios according to market dynamics.
     The solution, named Portfolioand.Me, is a fundamental analysis tool for the US stock market that is based on artificial intelligence. It allows users to input specific criteria and to monitor the dynamics of company shares and exchange-traded funds (ETFs).
     «When putting together investment portfolios, a lot of time is spent on comparing the performance of different companies, tracking progress, searching for indicators in reports, etc. We solve this problem with the help of an extensive database, a specially developed algorithm and the capabilities of a self-learning artificial intelligence,» said Ilya Filippov, CEO of Artquant.
     «Using Portfolioand.Me is like having a personal expert financial advisor. The flexible portfolio configuration options allow users to choose parameters from hundreds of financial indicators and analyst estimates,» he added.
     The product is accessible through the Portfolioand.Me website. Access to full functionality is granted through a subscription that costs $99 per month for individuals.
     The artificial intelligence feature raises the product above existing strategies. By taking into account a number of factors and indicators, the tool creates the optimal stock portfolio and conducts a so-called back-test, showing the user how effective the purchase of the given portfolio would have been during the period from 2005 to 2014.
     A stock portfolio can be created in just a few clicks: the user selects a few simple parameters, and the algorithm starts to put together a stock portfolio and shows portfolio dynamics over the past ten years in the form of an easy-to-understand yet detailed graph.
     Users can also create portfolios manually via «Stock Search» and «ETF Search» options available on the website. Stocks can be found through broad criteria (by sector or level of capitalization, for example) or through narrow criteria (by the ratio of net debt to total capital, for example). The portfolio can then be supplemented with any other stocks, and users can also change stock ratios. The site also has an option that allows users to monitor portfolios that have already been created.
     Artquant became a Skolkovo resident a year ago and especially values the foundation's media support and consultation on legal and investment questions. The startups will take part in the Echelon conference in Singapore, Asia's largest tech conference, in June with Skolkovo's backing.