Unique economic barometer, reflecting the level of crisis in 44 major world economies in Asia, America and Europe


Why Crisisometer?

Crisisometer analyses stock market information and generates an estimate from absolute stability to a full-fledged crisis.


Crisisometer does not require the user to be a stock market expert. The application produces concrete indicators, not abstract numbers.


Crisisometer uses stock market data to assess economic conditions, since it is ahead of traditional macroeconomic indicators. Stock market signals are reliable indicators of future economic trends.


Crisisometer shows not only the level of crisis, but the predicted zone of it as well. There is an optimal behavioral strategy in every 3 crisis zones – stability, warning, crisis.


Unlike most macroeconomic indicators, Crisisometer reacts very fast, updating the crisis level on a daily basis, and instantly reflects current economic situation all over the world.