Artquant Robo-Advisor

Big Data based robo-advisor wich provides automatic recommendations for long term investment decisions. It is easy to use and doesn't require special understanding of the stock market.


Portfolio and Me is an Artificial Intelligence terminal, capable of building winning market strategies and outperforming the US market.



Crisisometer is the unique economic barometer, reflecting the level of crisis in 44 major world economies in Asia, Europe and the USA. Crisis level is derived according to our innovative algorithms using the stock market indicators.


Art Quant for Institutional Investors

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We create products for the open market, but beyond that we can solve many challenges facing your business specifically.

Quantitative research — our analysts can check your ideas using our technology.confidentially and quickly.

Software solutions — We create IT solutions for the investment business and customize our products to the needs of individual organizations.

Our News

Why Russian startups are flocking to Singapore

Why go to Singapore to find partners for a Russian tech startup? Alina Chunaeva, Deputy Director of Artquant, reveals the answer
Dec 2, 2016

Analyzing the stock market through artificial intelligence

A Skolkovo story about from Artquant that helps to monitor the dynamics of the market and process tons of information
Dec 5, 2015

Artquant took part in the mentorship meeting organized by the ‪CFA‬ Association Russia and the ‪Skolkovo‬ Foundation

Ksenia Arutyunova,Chief Strategy Officer of Artquant Ltd. presented Portfolioand.Me to potential mentors. How can such meetings help young companies improve their working process? Why do startupers and investors look at projects in a different way? What is the role of mentors in the development of a new business?
Jun 29, 2015